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Things to Do


Cellular Jail

Earlier known as Kaalapani Jail. This jail today is a National Memorial and can be visited during the day. Evening a Light and Sound Show also takes place here at Cellular Jail.

Ross Island

Ross Island offers you an amazing historical experience. This is the same island from where Britishers governed the whole of Andaman Islands before 1940.

North Bay Island

Also Known as Coral Island. This is the same island seen at the back of 20 Rupee Note. An excellent place for all water activities in the islands.


Another amazing location for bird watching and sunset. You also have a trekking point here in Chidiatapu. This location is 30 Km away from the main city.

Baratang Island

Around 150 Km from the hotel. This location offers dense tropical forest, tribal reserve, Limestone Caves, Mangrove Rides and Mud Volcano.

Jolly Bouy Island

Comes Under Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, this attraction offers crystal clear waters and amazing marine life. Boat Ride is Includes in this trip.

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