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Cab Service

Cab Service

In case you need assistance with Cab Services then we are there for you in Andaman.

Free Wifi


We Offer Free Wifi at our place.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

The best bed and breakfast in Port Blair with very Spacious rooms.

Tour Plan

Tour Planning

Just in case you need assistance with tour planning at various islands then we are there for you.

The best Bed and Breakfast

Port Blair is mostly considered as a transit to reach various islands in the Andaman archipelago. Zam is a bed and breakfast offering most spacious rooms for travelers on visit to the islands at a fairly low price and a great value for money. Zam offers all modern amenities along with a personal touch. This bed and breakfast is located at the heart of the city and is easily accessible. You can easily go for a walk nearby when you are staying here. Zam comes very handy for customers who are not expecting to spend much in their accomodation, however, are looking into a nice and clean place to stay in Port Blair.
With very little options in Andaman Islands for good budget hotels, Zam Bed and Breakfast stands tall and provided all necessary amenities to travelers on a strict budget to the islands without compromising on the room quality and services in the Andaman Islands.

Rooms and Interiors


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